A Guide to Site Finding

The how, what and where

‘Because it can be so profitable, if it is easy, everyone would do it – that’s where the art comes in.’ - Dan Mitchell, Planning Partner, Barton Willmore

Simple truths:

  • Without a site no development can take place
  • Land has the value its use creates
  • What can be developed depends on planning regulation and latest policy
  • Working out whether the development site will be permitted permission is time-consuming and costly
  • Profits are generated by identifying opportunities – once found the value of the opportunity should be maximised

A detailed online series of four briefings chaired by Dan Mitchell, Planning Partner, Barton Willmore, with key contributions from other, front line, experts who will bring all the important elements together.

The aim: to focus on the art of site finding and on buying land with development potential.
Covering: ‘how to do it’ analysis, the important points to consider during the land acquisition, understanding the planning process, option agreements, conditional contracts and everything in-between.  In short, all that determines whether value is generated and, if so, how much.

Sign up for this series and receive the following:

  • In four detailed sessions we cover:
    • Desk search – knowing what you are looking for and the tools to use
    • Appraisals and recognising site potential
    • Looking for opportunities – identifying occupiers and owners
    • Understanding planning policy and process – permitted development rights, local vs national policy, planning reforms, pre-application and post-determination stages, costs
    • What developers look for
    • Option agreements, conditional contracts and other legal issues
  • No important area will be overlooked – all interpretation will be practical and relevant to real world market conditions – copious use of case studies
  • Sessions of 75 minutes each, including answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing and on the opportunities being created
  • Sessions start at 10.00AM and end promptly at 11.15AM
  • Unable to attend all sessions or joining partway through?  Recordings will be available for all registrants


Session 1 is now complete and the recording is available to all registrants. To join the course and catch up ahead of Session 2, click here

Session 1: What’s Wanted and Knowing What you are Looking For

Upcoming Live Sessions:

Session 2: Wednesday 12 May, 2021
Understanding Planning Process – What can be developed depends on planning regulation

Session 3: Wednesday 19 May, 2021
What Developers Look For

Session 4: Wednesday 26 May, 2021
Options, Conditional Agreements and Promotion Agreements – When and why?

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