The Future Property Leaders Programme

The Future Property Leaders Programme gives young property professionals the opportunity to engage and network within the real estate community through attending a course of their choice free of charge. We want to see our community flourish, and what better way to achieve this than by investing in the property leaders of tomorrow.

If you, or any of your team, qualify for the programme we would be delighted to hear from you.

Read about a Future Property Leader's experience of the programme.

Entry Details 

  • There is a total of 20 places per year available on the programme with a maximum of two places per course
  • Places are offered to qualifying participants on a first-come first-served basis
  • Participants must have less than three years' experience in the property market
  • Nominees must not have previously attended a course
  • Participants must be nominated by a director or partner
  • Places are not available for technology solution providers

How to Enter

Please email Tamara Cmiljic - In the subject line add ‘Future Property Leaders' and let us know the nominee’s name, employer, job title, email address and number of years' experience.

A Future Property Leader's Insight

After taking part in our 'Future Property Leaders Programme' and attending the one day briefing on Property Development Appraisals, we asked Hollie Coles, Property Finance Associate at Kalms Property Finance, to give us her insights into the day and what she learned:

"The course provided a fantastic introduction to an inherently complex topic, whilst ensuring to cover significant content in an appropriate level of detail. The complexity of the topic increased adequately throughout the duration of the course; providing the attendees with a clear and thorough understanding of the subject area. Importantly, the course also progressed to apply the theory covered to real-life scenarios; leaving the attendees with a well-balanced and immediately applicable knowledge and understanding of Development Appraisals.

Simon Wainwrights’ comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the subject area proved invaluable. His presentation style was thoroughly engaging and delivered with complete clarity to a wide-ranging audience with varying Real-Estate backgrounds. Not only this, Simon also ensured to adapt his presentation to the differing requirements and interests of his audience, providing an extensive, well-rounded knowledge of the subject.

To pick out a couple of the topics covered on the day that I personally found really useful;

  1. The Development Costs section was highly useful for me, albeit slightly daunting for someone fairly new to the development world. There are endless cost considerations which are not necessarily immediately obvious or easy to determine and understand. Although I don’t claim to have retained all the information immediately Simon delivered this topic in such a very structured manner, making it easier to understand. In addition, the pack of information to take away laid this all out extremely clearly, which has allowed me to further my understanding after the session.
  2. In addition, the Risks topic was something almost completely new to me. With my background being in finance, my perspective comes from this standpoint and not so much from the actual developer’s viewpoint. Therefore, this topic was challenging but really insightful to gain a broader perspective on the topic and has allowed me to be able to consider and understand factors that prior to the course I perhaps couldn’t have.
  3. Finally, the Sensitivity Analysis topic was highly insightful. Again, from a finance perspective, it was very useful to understand the impact that relatively small changes in costs/sales figures could have on the ultimate GDV of the scheme. It was particularly useful to run through some real-life examples of this and be encouraged to work these figures out for ourselves. I found this really cemented my understanding and is something I have focussed on after the session as well.

Although the day was clearly well thought-out and designed with a professional structure, the atmosphere was informal and the presentation style entirely approachable.

In addition, the opportunity to network with a diverse set of individuals from across the Real Estate Industry was brilliant.”