OnlineEd 2024

Now the firmly established global event for online learning and teaching



OnlineEd 2024 has now ended. Thank you to all attendees, speakers and sponsors who made this year’s event a true celebration of teaching and learning. 

No one doubts that online education has a permanent and increasing role in the delivery of university and college education. Technology and best practice are developing at pace. The mission of this event is to provide an environment and forum to review and discuss what is now possible and how best to implement and reap the rewards of the wide range of new resources and new ways of supporting learning and teaching in higher education.

You’ll hear keynotes from the industry's global experts, join in the debate in panel discussions, and network with fellow professionals. We will address key topics including:

  • Best practice in delivering online higher education
  • Strategies and tactics for online program designers
  • The opportunity of online higher education for sustainable development
  • Balancing quality, cost and access in online higher education
  • How going digital can address social inequality
  • AI at the crossroad of education data mining and digital adaptive learning
  • Inclusive and equity-minded online teaching: theory and practice
  • What it means to have a connected campus
  • The challenge of online student engagement
  • …… And much more.

Who should attend?

  • University Vice Chancellors, Presidents and Rectors
  • Heads of Business Schools, Medical Schools and Colleges
  • Deans, Heads of University and College Departments
  • Course Directors
  • Librarians
  • Heads of University IT Systems
  • Vendors of hardware, programs, platforms and content to universities and colleges
  • Directors of Online Learning and Education
  • Executives in commercial companies and government departments engaged in learning and development
  • Directors of Campus Learning Strategies
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Online Learning Officers


An Online One-Day Event

What others say

HS OnlineEd events provided me with the opportunity to reflect more closely on my everyday teaching and assessment praxis. The talks were informative and delivered by enthusiastic and experienced educators who explored relevant and current topics in education.

Rivak Punchoo
University of Pretoria

An excellent opportunity to learn about current trends and best practices in education.

Antonis Gavalas
City Unity College

HS OnlineEd events provide invaluable academic research and resources that address the ever-changing needs of higher education in the areas of technology, diversity, communication, and student support. It's an honor to be part of this professional international community for online learning and teaching. 

Joseph Aranyosi
University of Phoenix