Translational Medicine

An increasingly important biomedical speciality

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Translational Medicine in HSTalks’ The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection contains over 3,000 specially commissioned, seminar-style talks and interviews by leading world experts, including Nobel Laureates and Lasker prize winners. Topics range from basic science to therapeutic intervention, from single molecules to entire populations, relevant to drug discovery, pre-clinical research and development, clinical trials, medical and regulatory affairs and more. 

A few examples of lectures addressing research required or being undertaken to address the needs of patients:

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Management in Healthcare: A Peer-Reviewed Journal

Management in Healthcare publishes original, in-depth, peer-reviewed articles and case studies on leadership, administration and management in healthcare. Content is written by and for healthcare management professionals and researchers. Management in Healthcare is committed to publishing increasing numbers of peer-reviewed articles and case studies on the practice of managing translational medicine. 

Articles submitted or in pre-submission consultation include:  

  • Alternative views on what Translational Medicine is 
  • The most effective structures and teams for making Translational Medicine work
  • Career paths in Translational Medicine
  • The resources needed for effective Translational Medicine
  • How Translational Medicine is improving healthcare 
  • Managerial approaches for effective Translational Medicine 

For article guidelines and copy deadlines, please contact the publishing editor, Simon Beckett, at

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Webinars, events, articles and multi-media lectures