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Hannah Morgan

Senior Principle Scientist

Novartis Pharma AG Translational Medicine

As a Senior Principal Scientist in the translational immunology group in pre-clinical safety (PCS) Dr. Hannah Morgan is a specialist in the in vitro assessment of biotherapeutic-induced immune related adverse events with a particular focus on immunogenicity.

She completed her PhD in molecular neuroscience at University College London in 2009, and subsequently joined Novartis. She supports in vitro immunogenicity assessments with the development of dendritic cell based assays to assist in both candidate design and mechanistic root cause investigations. She also sits in internal expert teams offering consultancy and training on the subject of immunogenicity. In addition, she has been actively involved in external collaborations including the Innovative Medicine Initiative sponsored consortia, ABIRISK and ImSAVAR.

Webinars, events, articles and multi-media lectures