Translational Medicine and the Physician–Scientist

An increasingly important biomedical speciality

Webinars, events, articles and multi-media lectures


Physician-Scientists (medical doctors with higher degrees in science) occupy many roles within Pharmaceutical Medicine (the medical discipline concerned with research, development, and monitoring of new medicines). Within Translational Medicine these individuals work to expedite projects that bridge the gap between lab and clinic.

In a series of webinars, events and in other media we shall be exploring how the practice of Translational Medicine is evolving to play an increasingly important role in improving healthcare and targeting the unmet needs of patients.

We shall be covering operational strategies and career structures in a discipline at the frontier where complex management meets multi-disciplinary science.

We shall be exploring the roles played and contribution made by Physician-Scientists: Their continuing professional education and career structures.

In our first webinar on November 9, 2021 a panel of Translational Medicine experts from academia, clinical stage biotech and big pharma discussed:​

  • Alternative views of what Translational Medicine is
  • How Physician-Scientists contribute and the most effective structures and teams for undertaking the work
  • The emerging speciality of ‘Translational Medicine’: roles and career structures
  • The resources (expertise, equipment, services, and finance) Physician-Scientists need to optimize their contributions
  • Continuing Professional Education for the Physician-Scientist – time is not an infinite resource
  • Moving from academia to big pharma/biotech: when, why and what to expect

Watch the webinar here >


Webinars, events, articles and multi-media lectures