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The 2022 Metadata Roadshow

In this series, we’ll explore DAMs that are delivering the objectives of metadata as one of the principal foundations of your DAM.

Metadata is the foundation of DAM, and digital strategy. You want your assets to be discovered, they want to be found, and they want to be used. Good metadata is essential for meeting these objectives.

Over four sessions, you will learn how technology is helping you manage your metadata and digital assets easier and better. 

The series, led by John Horodyski covers and includes:

  • New approaches and best practices in DAM metadata management
  • Case Studies and examples of real-world metadata best practice
  • Healthily rigorous Q&As in every session

Series Summary

Session 1: Metadata and Workflow

To access the recording, click here.

Workflow is best described as the sequence of processes through which content passes from creation to production, ending with distribution. Good metadata powers that process.

This session focuses on unlocking the potential of metadata in your DAM to: 

  • Ingest, discover, share 
  • Distribute assets through a strategic design of your asset lifecycle
  • Speed approvals, deliver better asset tracking and ensure compliance


John Horodyski, Executive Director, Insights and Analytics, Salt Flats

Emily Castle, Content Manager, Marketing Accelerator, Pernod Ricard

Carey MacDonald, Principal Onboarding Manager, Strategic Accounts, Bynder


Session 2: Metadata and Collaboration

To access the recording, click here.

The ability to collaborate in a modern, creative, marketing operation is critical for the success of content creation and management.

This session focuses on:

  • Metadata management that has been shown to achieve better collaboration
  • Stronger workflows
  • Good governance for the better management of assets


John Horodyski, Executive Director, Insights and Analytics, Salt Flats

Lisa Grimm, VP DAM Evangelist, Digizuite

John Tell, Solution Expert, Digizuite


Session 3: Metadata and UX / UI

To access the recording, click here.

Positive experiences with UX and UI are essential for good metadata creation through asset ingestion - all the way through asset search. 

This session is all about delivering a fully engaging consumer experience, and how it is achieved: 

  • Metadata entry, templates and UI
  • Positive UX = user adoption
  • The power of Search


John Horodyski, Executive Director, Insights and Analytics, Salt Flats

Kara Van Malssen, Partner and Managing Director, AVP

Christopher Morgan-Wilson, Senior Sales Engineer, Orange Logic


Session 4: Taxonomy Design

To access the recording, click here.

Appreciating the power of best practice taxonomy and managing a consistent controlled vocabulary in your DAM and across the enterprise. 

Key topics:

  • Effective taxonomy strategies - what they are and what they deliver
  • Improving search results
  • Enhanced and faster discovery


John Horodyski, Executive Director, Insights and Analytics, Salt Flats

Rus Martin, Digital Asset Specialist, Esri

Phil Seibel, Digital Asset Manager, Aldis Systems


Executive Director, Insights and Analytics
Salt Flats
Content Manager, Marketing Accelerator
Pernod Ricard
Executive Consultant
Principal Onboarding Manager, Strategic Accounts
Partner and Managing Director for Consulting
Digital Asset Specialist
Senior Sales Engineer
Orange Logic
Senior Librarian
Solution Expert

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