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Making Video Discoverable

The challenge: lack of descriptive metadata at the scene-level makes searching for a particular scene in a video nearly impossible. Even if you know which video contains the desired scene, it may take hours to locate the video and scrub through the timeline to find that critical few seconds. Maybe that’s what your customer, client, or boss is looking for—or maybe not. We’ve all been there.

A solution: A new innovation in AI called a "Multimodal" engine, which both ‘understands’ the content of each scene in all your videos, and also ‘understands’ what you REALLY mean by your query: it ‘thinks’ in two modes, visual and language. This makes even scenes embedded deep in a long video discoverable.

Finally: video is really searchable, without spending energy on scene specific metadata. 

Join MerlinOne’s CEO David Tenenbaum and Sales Director Peter Leabo as they demonstrate NOMAD™ AI Visual Search, which puts this multimodal technology to good use, even in your existing DAM or MAM.


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Director of Sales
MerlinOne, Inc.
MerlinOne, Inc.

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MerlinOne has amazing in-house AI technology which delivers major search advances to the Digital Asset Management world. Our NOMAD™ Visual Search allows you to monetize previously undiscoverable objects, even if they have scarce or no textual metadata. Merlin empowers teams to centralize, search and manage creative content, and is the long-term DAM vendor for hundreds of businesses with its reliability, flexibility, scalability, optimal performance, automation and world-class customer service.