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Leveraging the Power of AEM Assets within your Corporate Applications – Office 365, Google Workspace, SharePoint, and many more

Topics in this webinar:
• Setting up the CI HUB Connector in 17 applications.
• Increase productivity with the CI HUB Connector.
• Using creative assets in the sales department.
• Using AEM assets in Office 365, Google Workspace, and SharePoint.
• Achieve a better return on investment.

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Head of Customer Success
Director, Strategy & Product Marketing

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CI HUB is one tool to connect and provide a single source of access. Whether you are linking to or pulling data from your DAM, MAM, PIM, MRM, or your CMS data domains, the CI HUB provides a single In-App point of access, accelerating the flow of digital assets to your production workflows.