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Give The Users What They Want (and Need) With Role-Driven DAM

Digital assets are often touched by many roles across your ecosystem – including users that acquire, manage, enrich, consume or just view them. By carving out the right roles and providing a purpose-driven toolbox for each one, you’ll empower your users, streamline your process and increase productivity while maximizing the value of your assets and ensuring compliance with brand and asset restrictions.

In this webinar, we will discuss roles including Content Creators, Content Consumers, Marketing Operations and Contracts, Marketing Compliance / Compliance Officers, Creatives and Agency Relations and look at how each role interacts with digital assets. From enriching asset metadata to discovering and sharing content, from capturing asset rights and restrictions to tracking content usage, we will look at what it takes to put together a collaborative digital asset environment that lets everybody do their job while facilitating the entire workflow.

Join Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management, Cloud at FADEL as he dives into each role, focusing on topics such as:

  • Capturing extensive metadata including custom data, rights and standardized information
  • Searching and sharing assets using sophisticated search tools and interactions with external constituents
  • Basic and advanced rights management, including handling complex talent and agreement scenarios
  • Content usage tracking and real time expiration reporting for brand compliance
  • Brand monitoring of products, logos, spokespersons and media content for in-licensing


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Vice President of Product Management

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