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Using an End-to-End Approach for Digital Asset Management

Managing a growing media library requires having a central hub for different teams to add and access files, tag, categorize and organize them in folders and subfolders, collaborate across teams, and get usage analytics. A DAM solution enables effective management and streamlined operations.

But, DAM isn’t just limited to  storage and consolidation of assets. It can also be leveraged to optimize performance and delivery of media assets for improved end-user engagement and conversions.

Join us as we discuss how a DAM can streamline internal operations and improve the end-user experience.


Director, Digital Photo Services
Director of Product
Global Chair

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Delivering compelling and dynamic images and video is an essential element of a quality customer experience. Yet media asset administration, manipulation, and optimization is increasingly tedious and time-consuming. And it’s only going to get harder. Teams have to deal with a huge volume of media files in the form of images, video and audio. If not done right, user experience suffers. Enter Cloudinary, the most powerful way to manage your media assets, simplifying every task from the mundane to the most complex and time consuming. Ensure the best experience for every user every time.