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Synergy and Service: How charitable organizations are using DAM to support their cause during COVID-19

Charitable organizations have an unwavering commitment to serve with compassion and ensure resources directly meet their goals, while behind the scenes, passionate teams work tirelessly to share their message with the world. That’s why brands like the Salvation Army and YMCA England & Wales have embraced digital asset management (DAM) as a key technology to support their people, processes, and mission.

In this webinar, these internationally known organizations will recount how DAM became a part of their everyday operations, from branding, to marketing, campaign development, disaster preparedness, and more, with metrics and measurements giving them insights into content performance and usage.

And then came the Covid-19 pandemic. With their offices closed and human needs skyrocketing, YMCA England & Wales and the Salvation Army share their remarkable and still unfolding stories of how DAM came to play a key role in the continuity of operations while working remotely, ranging from new portals to social media and fundraising for the crisis. 

With insights on operations, metrics, measurement and the governance to make this happen, this webinar is for non-profits, service organizations and businesses alike.

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Vice President, Product Marketing
Ministry Toolkit Administrator
Salvation Army
Brand & Design Officer
YMCA England & Wales
Global Chair

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