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Creative Ops | Simplify Creative Reviews to Supercharge Team Productivity

Creative is complicated. A clunky review process could cause a great creative concept to quickly lose steam. Luckily, the right technology exists today to help simplify the process of managing creative reviews and organizing your digital content. 

Join this webinar to hear how Salt River Project (SRP), a public utility provider, increased team productivity and generated cost and resource savings across the digital content supply chain by onboarding the right technology for their creative projects. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How SRP leverages technology built for creative teams to manage assets from start to finish
  • Best practices for selecting a new solution
  • Tips for onboarding new technology within your organization

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Sr. Customer Success Manager
Senior Technical Strategist for Creative Services and OpenText Media Management
Salt River Project

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OpenText Hightail is the essential team collaboration tool for creative reviews and approvals. Designed to bring your content from concept to completion, Hightail gives creatives, agencies and marketing teams a one-stop solution for sharing large multimedia files, collecting precise feedback from multiple reviewers in real-time, comparing versions, assigning tasks and approving content.  Hightail streamlines the creative process by keeping feedback, files, decisions and next steps in one place, eliminating miscommunication, reducing the number of creative rounds and helping teams keep creative projects and marketing campaigns on schedule. Learn more at