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The Role of DAM in Business Continuity, Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness

As organizations around the world have transitioned to working remotely, many quickly faced challenges providing quick, reliable and secure access to files located on local servers and on-premise DAMs. Organizations with cloud-based DAMs avoided these challenges altogether by providing a single source of truth - on the cloud - for all high-value corporate assets; bypassing issues caused by VPNs and exponentially improving searchability with advanced AI.

Join us for our webinar, where we’ll highlight how a cloud-based DAM has helped organizations we work with:

  • ensure business continuity across their entire organization, even when working remotely;
  • improve asset accessibility and discoverability for all departments without introducing risk; and
  • establish a disaster preparedness plan using DAM as their single source of truth for all assets.

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


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