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Preserving Corporate Memory: DAM as Institutional Repository

DAM, while long regarded as the single source of truth sometimes originating in marketing or production environments, can also be a tool to aid in the preservation of corporate memory for an institution - helping to codify knowledge and also preserve important company information and data.  This allows organizations to avoid repeating the same old mistakes and also keeps them from re-inventing the wheel, recreating the same content or forgetting about important learnings or knowledge. 

After all, DAM helps facilitate knowledge-sharing across an organization when asset restrictions are minimized and user adoption of the tool is high.  In this webinar, we’ll cover how you can use digital asset management best practices to improve knowledge share, encourage serendipitous discovery of information, and preserve both company IP and corporate memory.  

Any organization looking to preserve memory, protect company intellectual property and avoid a digital dark age in the history of their company should make DAM as institutional repository a core strategy and objective of their digital asset management program. 


DAM Consultant, Librarian & Marketer
Executive Director, Insights and Analytics
Salt Flats
Senior Manager
Optimity Advisors

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