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Maximizing Stakeholder Engagement with Your DAM

Modern DAMs have the potential to make the lives of marketers, creatives, and brand managers increasingly efficient; however, many DAMs are designed only for a handful of select users. Your current solution might appease the needs of your internal teams, but what happens when you add external field sales, agencies, partners, or distributors, to the mix?  
To put it simply, we believe a DAM should be accessible to anyone. After all, your content is only valuable if your key stakeholders have an easy (and affordable) way to access your brand’s assets. If not, people will follow the path of least resistance: saving files to their desktops, relying on email, or using unapproved services– like Google Drive– leading to brand crime, budget waste, and low usage. 
In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
  • Why your current tools could be limiting your brand’s potential
  • How to bridge the gap between marketers, creatives, sales, and other key stakeholders
  • What elements of your current process are currently stifling your workflow 


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Director of Solutions Engineering

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