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Managed Services: Accelerating your content readiness through operational partnerships

Whether your platform is in the planning stages or up and running, it's time to build an operations support team to make it successful.  Content curation, cataloging, metadata development, media migration, governance, user support, life cycle management, project management, taxonomies, fulfillment...the task list is overwhelming. Regardless of whether you're getting ready for or running a DAM, PIM or MAM, you quickly realize that it takes a talented team to manage it all. Just as systems have evolved  - so has the approach to how the workflows of these systems are supported.  Discover from industry leaders how the new role of managed services is effectively supporting the content preparedness and workflow needs to maximize the value of their DAM and PIM systems.


Director, Global Asset Management
Global Chair
Henry Stewart DAM Conferences and DAM Industry Leader

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Allied Vaughn provides professional content management services around workflow management, content consolidation & organization, archiving, and distributing rich media distribution using our Media on Demand Technology.  Our managed services approach is scalable, while leveraging our decades of experienced and expert teams of Digital Archivists, Librarians, Taxonomists, and DAM Project Managers.  Our goal is to help clients maximiae the value of their DAM and unleash the true value of their digital assets.