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How Your DAM and PIM Allows You to Pivot from a B2B to a B2C Mindset

The realization of a “new normal” as the world learns to live with Covid-19 and reinvigorate the economy simultaneously is beginning to come into focus. A few things are clear, that social distancing will become a way of life and that traditional supply chains are becoming obsolete. 

Ecommerce growth has outpaced traditional retail by roughly 10% over the last decade -- before the pandemic likely hastened the change to consumer habits, likely forever. Being able to compete in a world where “online” and “offline” are merging begins with having core technologies in place to ensure the accuracy of your company’s lifeblood – your products and marketing assets. 

This webinar will explain how digital asset management and product information management platforms serve as key foundational pieces to market and sell your products. When used in tandem, they create a powerful force that allows you to control the lifecycle of a product from inception, to marketing and out the warehouse door, directly to the consumer. 

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