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How to Select a DAM System

With nearly a hundred vendors that purport to call themselves a DAM, how can you be sure to select the right one for you? The webinar will give an overview of the current state of the DAM market, and guide you through various approaches to selecting the most appropriate DAM for your requirements, end users, procurement timeline, and budget. We'll look at the top five procurement mistakes, and top tips for a successful procurement and long-term project success.

If you're new to DAM, you need to make sure you consider many aspects of the market carefully. If you're not so new to DAM, the system and vendor that was right for you four years ago may not be the right one now - perhaps you have moved on, but your vendor hasn't kept up with the curve. Procurement methods aren't set in stone – you need to involve different people and take a particular approach based on your team and situation. 

This session will feature an independent intensive on the Digital & Media Asset Management marketplace from longtime industry expert and consultant Theresa Regli, with a look at three possible approaches to procurement, depending on the size, scope, and timeline of your procurement and implementation. 


DAM Industry Analyst; Director & Chief Strategist
Vox Veritas Digital
Global Chair