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How to Keep Track of Usage Rights and Speed Your Creative Workflow

Finally seeing the big picture in license management 
It is essential, when using assets such as images, videos, and other protected files, to keep track of licenses and image rights. This is obvious.  However, with the rapidly increasing number of assets, comprehensive campaigns and many output channels, keeping track is becoming increasingly challenging. Plus, active license management must not slow down the creative workflow. Digital asset management (DAM) and digital rights management (DRM) must go hand in hand. 
The solution: A modern DAM solution and smart integrations
What does ‘the solution’ look like in practice? In this webinar you will learn:
  • Exciting insights
  • Best practices
  • How best to combine DRM, DAM, and marketing automation (multichannel marketing)
  • Clarity on how to keep on track with active license management and avoid both illegal uses and costly legal disputes.
  • Holistic solutions for your digital rights of use - how you can easily combine digital licenses with your digital asset management in a common workflow.
  • Evidence from the field: how one of our customers now organizes the digital license management of more than 650,000 assets and how the system has powered marketing automation.
After the webinar: take advantage of the live Q&A session and put your questions directly to our DAM and DRM experts. 
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Senior Manager, Business Development & Consulting

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