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How Hollywood Studios Manage Security with Metadata at Scale

For over 10 years 5th Kind has been working with Hollywood's top studios to manage securely the work-in-progress to archive pipeline for some of the most creative and sensitive feature films. In this presentation, we’ll walk through security challenges faced when managing millions of unique pieces of creative content at high velocity across all facets of the creative and business life cycle.
The session will highlight:
  • How metadata can be the backbone of your security policies
  • The relationships between decision making and access controls
  • The complexities of the film production pipeline

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5th Kind

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CORE by 5th Kind is a highly secure DAM and workflow management system that utilizes a metadata-driven architecture to centralize and secure all types of digital files to improve collaboration, eliminate duplication, simplify access, and reduce costs. In 2019 Studios used CORE to collaborate on over 10+ Million files, with 2+ thousand companies.