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Harnessing the Power of DAM in Managing Packaging Artwork

This webinar covers: 

  • The complete process of the Graphics Packaging Lifecycle.
  • How to successfully transform the creative brand concept into live production materials.

We will discuss the challenges of managing the complex process of combining design elements, final technical data and marketing and regulatory information into one final ‘ready-to-use’ finished graphic.

Drawing on the knowledge of Christian Blaise, packaging expert for more than 25 years, and Fred Sanuy, DAM expert, you will learn the critical importance of fully understanding the different stages of packaging artwork development:

  • Why ‘DAM in packaging artwork development’ is at the crossroads of integrating several important business processes.
  • How to meet the challenge of ensuring 100% brand consistency and regulatory compliance.
  • How to harness DAM to improve supply chain delivery, procurement and vendor co-ordination and why it is a key component of successful performance.


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Since 1985 DALIM SOFTWARE has been developing creative production solutions for printers, publishers, agencies, retailers and brands. Collaboration and automation play a key role in the global economy today, as the effectiveness of reducing cycle times, getting to market quicker with fewer touch points has become an essential competitive advantage.