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The Dilemma that is DAM

The question ‘To DAM or not to DAM?’ no longer applies today. Organizations recognize the importance of DAM and the benefits it offers. However, many are not using their DAM correctly resulting in reduced ROI of their investment. Bringing together over 10 years’ experience in DAM implementation, Cognizant illustrates the common DAM challenges and pitfalls and will talk through how to ensure that you are using your DAM to its full potential in powering your digital strategy.


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Backed by Cognizant’s award-winning IT Services, assetSERV DAM Solutions help enterprises manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their digital assets. Our solutions include a Cloud-based platform, Consulting and Packaged services. With our deep expertise in DAM implementation, we ensure customers get a DAM solution best suited to their needs rather than shoehorning their requirements into a fixed DAM solution.