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DAMs and CDNs: A match made in heaven

What if you could embed assets directly from your DAM on any digital channel? How much easier would life be if your team could power email, website content, partner portals, and more, right from a central source of truth? 
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) allow the real-time transfer of your digital content in lightning speeds. While the concept has long been established, few companies realize the massive advantages of serving content directly from your DAM via CDN. Join this webinar to hear how a CDN, through your DAM, helps cross-functional teams make changes and updates on the fly while never worrying about outdated assets across channels or having to tap into costly developer resources. 
Join this webinar to hear how enterprises can: 

  • Serve content directly from your DAM to any digital channel
  •  Ensure consistency across channels by using a single link 
  • Provide dynamic access and editing capabilities directly within your embedded links 
  • Measure important asset analytics and insights wherever they might live 
  • Prove the ROI of CDN within your DAM for stakeholder buy-in 
  • Learn from industry professionals utilizing CDN through their DAM

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