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Creative Ops | Spilling the Popcorn - How to Manage the Growth of your In-House Agency

Cineplex's theatres and location-based entertainment venues see over 70 million guests through their doors annually across Canada. With so many guests and business needs, the demands of the Creative Services team are ever-changing, with just about as many plot twists as the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Join Cineplex’s Design Director as he examines:

  • Their various org charts and illustrates the year-over-year growth his team experienced
  • Processes, methods and data presented to the leadership team to rationalize and execute the growth of the group
  • How their project management and creative ops have evolved from a flurry of Excel spreadsheets to a full-blown creative project management platform
  • You'll leave this session with actionable tools and methods to build your own case to your executives for right-sizing your team for its needs



Design Director