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Creative Ops | Scaling Holiday Creative to Meet E-commerce Demands

This holiday season will be wildly different from any other year. With the pandemic, consumers will prefer shopping online, searching for the best deals. Is your brand prepared to charm and convert them? Gear up for Q4 and join the session to learn the key elements of winning holiday creative–and how to scale your content to meet your e-commerce demands. This webinar is presented by Vanja B. Brzin and Christine Göös who both have a decade of experience working with brands like adidas, Nissan, Tim Hortons, GSK, and many more. 
What you’ll hear about:
  • Why creative variety matters and how to use it to unlock revenue
  • Matching the largest investment of the year with massive volumes of winning content for Q4
  • Scaling content production with creative automation 

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


VP, Product Marketing
Director of Brand and Communications

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