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Creative Ops | Media Optimization Strategies to Enhance Digital Experience

Visual stories are at the heart of nearly all your connections today, whether you’re reading the news, engaging with a brand, or deciding which article of clothing to buy. Delivering these visual experiences successfully, however, is not always as easy as it might seem. Critical to success, businesses must understand the role web experience plays, including the quality and speed in which their web pages and content load. In essence, web performance directly affects your bottom line. 

Join Nathan Kelley, Cloudinary's head of media quality and performance, as he explains how you should expect more from your digital asset management system and go beyond traditional upload and manage by embedding media optimization capabilities to boost your web performance. 

You'll learn:

  • The effect of fast page loads on user conversions
  • The benefits of automating media management
  • SEO benefits of meeting the criteria of Google's new Core Web Vitals

 You’ll also learn how brands like StubHub, Apartment Therapy, and MindBodyGreen optimize their images and videos. In short, you'll find out how media optimization, which encompasses both quality and speed, is paramount for accelerating page loads.


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Head of Media Quality and Performance

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Cloudinary enables e-commerce and other organizations to optimize their sites and applications with cloud-based image and video management. By reducing page load times and improving the user experience across both web and mobile, Cloudinary improves SEO, conversion rates, and long-term revenue growth. Cloudinary works with thousands of customers, managing over 25 billion images and videos.