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Creative Ops | How a Content Hub enables Marketing and Creative Operations

Tools for marketing and creative processes are often too numerous and spread across organisations, yet with limited use in specific silos. This makes quality and consistency difficult to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain. We can't get better by simply moving faster -- we need to create centralised workspaces, where not just creative assets but also product data, analytics, and workflows come together.

Join us in this webinar and learn:

  • How to create centralised workspaces where creative assets, product data, analytics, and workflows come together.
  • How a Content Hub can enable marketers and creatives to achieve better results.
  • How you need to approach revising your process to work in tandem with the best fit technology.


DAM Industry Analyst; Director & Chief Strategist
Vox Veritas Digital

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With over 15 years of experience in the development of marketing technology, Stylelabs is renown for its innovative marketing platform “Marketing Content Hub”.

It provides an integrated solution for Digital asset management (DAM), Marketing portal, Marketing resource management (MRM), Web to Print, Digital rights management (DRM) and Product information management (PIM).

In November 2018 Stylelabs was acquired by Sitecore, a global leader in digital experience management software.

Adding Stylelabs’ platform to Sitecore allows marketing teams to own the entire content lifecycle and understand the impact of specific content assets on individual customers’ behavior, empowering them to deliver transformative experiences throughout the customer journey.