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Creative Ops | Content Orchestration: Optimizing the creative workflow

In this webinar, Owen Greenwell, Content Operations Director at Medium Rare, one of Australia’s leading content agencies, will talk you through how the organization orchestrates content processes and tools to:

  • Deliver faster-time-to-market for clients
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks, such as removing double-handling for status and reporting
  • Ensure a consistent experience for staff, many of whom are now part-time or working with multiple clients
  • Remove communication asynchronicity

In addition, Owen will also discuss business growth opportunities that Medium Rare has experienced through this renewed focus on workflow, including new client acquisition, expanding projects, and involvement at client teams.


A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.



Content Operations Director
Medium Rare
GM - Brands
WoodWing USA

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