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Challenging the Rules of Digital Asset Management: 7 Game Changers for 2018

Everything you thought you knew about content is about to change. Companies across every industry are competing on digital experience, putting content at the heart of the fight, and rethinking their approach to DAM at a furious pace.

This webinar will cover the 7 trends in DAM that are changing how companies manage their digital assets and which game changers will determine the market leaders. The 7 trends are:

  1. Automated content creation will go mainstream
  2. Machine learning and AI will accelerate throughput and effectiveness of content
  3. Content will finally bust through organizational silos on the back of APIs
  4. Content will be more ephemeral, but valuable longer
  5. Legacy system replacements will accelerate
  6. Companies will go to the movies: learning from the major studios, they’ll create end-to-end digital supply chains
  7. The emergence of DAM 3.0

Want to find out what DAM 3.0 is? Or hear more about the lessons to be learned from Hollywood? Or how AI can accelerate throughput and improve effectiveness? Register now!


Vice President Product Marketing
Global Chair

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