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Automating your DAM Workflows

Getting through your days where every minute is packed with projects and meetings is difficult and it becomes helpful and even necessary to automate parts of your workflow and tasks in order to keep your head above water. Leveraging automation in your Digital Asset Management platform plays a big part in decreasing your time to market, and increasing user adoption and ROI on your DAM. But I don't have the budget for development of custom workflows, you say? Good thing there are some great workflow tricks you can implement that don't require any development work. In this webinar, we will discuss ways in which you can automate your DAM workflows without needing the skill or budget for custom development.


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For over a decade, Extensis has developed powerful digital asset management solutions for creative and digital workgroups in global scale organizations to smaller agencies. With Extensis Portfolio customers are up and running in days, delivering immediate benefits and ROI. Extensis has propelled DAM forward with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Extensis Portfolio, using image recognition technology to automate keywording.