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Automating Localization For Total Control Of Your Assets

Do you feel empowered by your localization strategy? Are you fully in control of your digital creative assets? Global campaign initiatives are essential to big brands, yet it’s difficult to simultaneously produce local campaigns at the necessary volume. Only 47% of organizations have a creative process in place to localize digital advertising. What’s the result of this oversight?

Brands typically end up falling somewhere in the middle; central production offers efficiency, speed, and consistency, while local production offers localization, market sensitivity, and local knowledge. What brands should, and can be asking, is what enables them to achieve both.

Nick Fitzsimmons of Celtra explores the role of creative production software in establishing greater brand governance. This technology enables local markets to make their own changes while global teams still maintain control. As a result, the process maximizes efficiency and enables teams to achieve both global scale and a variety of local considerations in their digital ad campaigns.

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Celtra is self-service enterprise software for automating and scaling creative production. Celtra enables creative and marketing teams to design, approve, and deliver digital creative across the ever growing number of channels, ad formats, variations, and markets. Cut your production costs, increase efficiencies and output in the cloud with Celtra.