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Agile DAM in the age of the digital workplace

The practice of DAM allows for your digital content to have a home, but not just any home (i.e. it's not just a place to store your stuff) - it's one that provides context and meaning for your organization’s most important digital collections through metadata, permissions and access restrictions.  In the age of the digital workplace, new tools pop up daily, making it tough to find or craft a  forever home for your digital content. 

Ready to have the DAM of your dreams? In this webinar, we’ll cover major trends leading to the adoption of digital asset management initiatives in organizations and pain points still faced by organizations that already have DAM in place, but have not reached a level of maturity that allows them to go to market quickly with their content. Through practice - not just product – learn how to turn your DAM into your digital content ‘forever’ home, whether it’s a fixer-upper or the brand new home of your dreams.


DAM Consultant, Librarian & Marketer
Director, Field & Customer Marketing

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