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Adapt your Brand Assets to Maintain a Positive, Forward-Looking & Compliant Brand Image

Brands and marketers across all industries need agility in their content strategy – to ensure their brand assets are not only sensitive and authentic to the current times but also forward-looking to react to and take advantage of new business dynamics. In this webinar, Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management at FADEL, will discuss strategies to amplify your brand by quickly adapting and deploying brand positive assets.

Topics will include:

  • Optimizing content reuse as a strategy for creating new and innovative content when traditional production is no longer an option
  • Tracking down where your content is currently published in order to take immediate actions to pause, take down or update the brand assets
  • Monitoring that your live content meets the latest brand guidelines from rebranded logos to new product packaging to new promotional content
  • Ensuring content compliance against talent and license agreement terms and expiration dates, both during production and post-distribution

A link to the recording will be shared post-webinar with all registrants.


Vice President of Product Management

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With Rights Cloud by FADEL protect your brand! Whether you rebranded your logo, changed product packaging, launched a new campaign slogan, or have expired talent agreements, Rights Cloud integrates with major DAMs to monitor content compliance before download and after the content is live across the internet and social sites.