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Creative Ops | KPIs for Creative Ops: Measure What Matters

The majority of creative operations teams gather data and measure KPIs to monitor their health. So why do so many of them end up in the Creative Ops Emergency Room? Why aren’t more creative ops teams able to use metrics to continuously improve their health?  
Quite simply, most teams are not measuring what matters. They are using a generic set of metrics. Many are not aligning and translating what they measure with team and organizational priorities. Too many are getting lost in a sea of data and forgetting to use their metrics to tell the stories to drive (people, process, technology) change.  
This webinar will provide a framework to help you guide your team in establishing or improving how to use creative operations metrics for continuous improvement. We will discuss:  
  • How to determine what data to collect  
  • How to determine what your KPIs are  
  • Who should have input and when  
  • How to use your data and KPIs to tell stories to drive decisions as well as team and cross-functional alignment


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