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DAM Data 101

Data should be a foundational element of your digital asset management strategy - but if it isn’t, you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with their data, don’t know what to look for in their analytics, or can’t find the insights they need to make good decisions about their assets.

In this webinar, we’re going back to the basics of data in digital asset management to help you understand the important role it plays in maximizing your DAM investment. The right data insights pave the way for productivity improvements, governance reporting, stronger content performance and more. With practical tips and tools, we’re not only going to change the way you think about data, but how you use it to drive success.

Join Anthony Gallo, CPO at Tenovos, the modern DAM platform, John Horodyski, Managing Director of Insights & Analytics at Salt Flats, and Derek Torrey, Senior Consultant at Salt Flats, a business innovation and corporate strategy firm, for a tell-all on the state of data in DAMs today and tactical takeaways on how to access, leverage and build on DAM data insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to think about your data foundation in DAM, what to look for and where to start
  • How to use these insights to maximize your investment and ROI
  • Best practices with data that you can implement today


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Chief Product Officer
Executive Director, Insights and Analytics
Salt Flats
Senior Consultant
Salt Flats

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