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The Role of Automation in DAM: How to Maximize Your Resources and Output

Digital content remains the best way to engage consumers at scale – but keeping up with the demand for content is a challenge for enterprise brands as budgets tighten up, and resources become more limited.

Leveraging automation within your DAM can give your team back the time that they need to focus on doing what they are best at: being creative and letting the ideas flow. With the help of automation, DAM Managers can streamline cumbersome and complex processes when it comes to creating and managing content. 

In this presentation, Kimberly Jauss, Director of Digital Imaging of, will showcase how they have leveraged automation to build a strong governance around asset data processes, and how that will inform a data-driven ROI content strategy.

Kimberly will cover:

  • An overview of the ecomm/retail Saks creation process, from start to finish
  • How to encourage content reuse through findability and strong metadata
  • The role of automation when it comes to streamlining the cumbersome and complex process of creating content
  • What data insights you should be watching and what they mean for the future of your content


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Director of Creative Imaging

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Tenovos is a data-first digital asset management platform, intuitively designed to empower brands to streamline and automate the traditional complexities of creating and activating global content. Once activated, content performance can be measured across channels and campaigns allowing brand teams to quantify the success of their storytelling investment and its impact on business growth. Some of the largest enterprise retail, CPG, and media and entertainment brands have seamlessly integrated the cloud-native Tenovos platform into their existing tech stack to help maximize the efficiency of managing content workflows and optimize the performance of the content they create.