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Creative Ops | Productivity Tools and Techniques for Creative Ops Leaders

As Creative Operations leaders, we are often seen as the adults in the room-- bringing order to chaos and removing administrative bonds that can dampen creative spirits. A Creative Operations expert should both set standards for ways of working that achieve more with less swirl and should exemplify personal productivity best practices to inspire direct reports and senior leaders.

Referencing personal experience, historical best practices, technological advancements, and neuroscience revelations, Tess Dixon, Ariel Lilly, and Jerry Melichar will explore the fundamentals of personal productivity (including leveraging your "outside brain", "essentialism", the 30x rule, and developing deep focus) and align how it enables organization-wide change.

Productivity in a vacuum is of limited value - this presentation will identify specific, actionable tips, tools, and strategies to increase the focus, efficiency, creativity, and integration of individual contributors and complex teams.


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Managing Director of Operations
Creative Operations Lead
DesignOps Leader

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