Running a Small but Mighty DAM ‘Team’ – The Day in the Life of a Senior DAM Manager

In conversation with Chelsea Bada, Senior DAM Manager at Amazon Studios, we’ll hear first-hand insights into Chelsea’s role running a functional global DAM system which is forever evolving. Chelsea works in a small but mighty team which is part of the global marketing operations team and her role is constantly changing as no two days are the same.

Moderated by Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group, Chelsea will share prioritizing workloads and we’ll learn more about budgeting for additional resources and meeting management expectations. This session will look at:

  • The importance of working closely with technology support crew
  • User-education and management – including on-boarding, continuous updates and training 
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Best in-class user-experience putting end-users center-stage when it comes to functionality
  • Governance and rights
  • Migration issues and getting buy-in from senior team leaders whether that’s for a DAM upgrade or to buy-in senior DAM staff
  • What it takes to be a DAM advocate!

Recorded for the Festival of DAM 2021.