Video Asset Management Symposium

Insights and Best Practices for Simplification


Optimizing Distribution for Video Advertising at the Brand and Franchisee Level - Best Practices from Taco Bell’s Agency and Franchisee Perspectives

June 10, 1:10 PM EDT

The number of brands and creative assets continue to expand exponentially through global franchises, dealerships and other channels. It’s never been more important to ensure that the distribution of consistent, brand-correct, video content moves seamlessly and efficiently for marketers and their partners involved in the process.

In this global distribution environment, ensuring that regional locations have the ability to control their video advertising while also recognizing that there is flexibility to adapt to specific local needs, requires the optimal combination of people and technology working collaboratively to keep campaigns on track and aligned with national programs. 

Moderated by Graham Allan, this panel will discuss the challenges, successes and best practice from both the Taco Bell brand and franchisee agency perspectives. 

June 10, 2021

An Online Event