Video Asset Management Symposium

Insights and Best Practices for Simplification


Keynote: Enhancing the Creative Process – from Vision to Script and Storyboards, to Talent and Rights Budgeting and Review, to the ‘Final’ Product

June 10, 11:10 AM EDT

In this session, Jeremy Carson, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, will share:

  • Turning an idea into a story (and that story into an ad)
  • What can a director bring to the table (and why we need them?)
  • Fix it in pre-pro! (Casting and locations and storyboards, oh my!)
  • The shoot (and how to wing it when everything goes wrong!)
  • Fix it in post (and why rough cuts make you doubt every choice you made)
  • Falling in love with the final (which looks nothing like what you imagined)

June 10, 2021

An Online Event