Video Asset Management Symposium

Insights and Best Practices for Simplification


Jamie Wilson

Director, Post Production

Showtime Networks Inc

Jamie started his career with Showtime Networks in the early 90’s as a freelance assistant to the Director of Graphics and then shoot PA. He was brought in to handle linear tagging and titling sessions, one 1” tape, at an outside facility. Eventually this process was brought in-house but digital video editing was still in its infancy so Jamie was the test pilot for Showtime’s first foray into digital editing. He set up the process from which today’s process evolved.

Shortly after that Showtime expanded its digital video footprint by adding a number of Media 100 and Avid edit suites for creative edits and Jamie was responsible for running those rooms. Eventually Showtime needed a bona fide edit facility and so it built Red Post, which is now 10 Adobe Premiere Pro suites and 3 Pro Tools mixing rooms.

Jamie’s responsibilities include managing the Red Post scheduling and media management staff as well as designing workflows for existing and new technologies.

June 10, 2021

An Online Event