Video Asset Management Symposium

Insights and Best Practices for Simplification


Courtney Allen

Director of Client Relations, Chair of DEI Committee

Extreme Reach

Courtney Allen is Director of Client Relations at Extreme Reach and is responsible for collaborating with sales, talent managers and client service teams, to plan, build and nurture client relationships based on trust and value. With 15+ years in advertising, experience in education and a lifelong love for the arts, Courtney has leveraged her multi disciplined background to craft a unique space in the field. Her key focus is to interact across the Extreme Reach base of clients to create a clear vision of client needs, identify opportunities, and provide competitive, one of a kind solutions to help improve business performance through the highest standard of service.

Courtney is involved in diverse aspects of the client experience, also playing a leadership role in the facilitation of client onboarding, training and support. She is committed to shaping relationships, growing resources and contributing to the evolution of both Extreme Reach technology and the company’s world class customer service.

Courtney also currently serves as Chair of the Extreme Reach Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, with a personal commitment to educate, amplify voices, promote accountability, create awareness and opportunity for meaningful change in the industry. She is responsible for establishing the composition of the committee, partnering with team members, advisors and other stakeholders to define goals, develop initiatives, manage communication and measure continued progress. 

June 10, 2021

An Online Event