Pre-Event Seminars

Further your Digital Asset Management education with our exclusive Pre-Event Seminars with world-leading DAM experts Nik Honeysett and Theresa Regli. Places are limited so we recommend booking soon to avoid disappointment! 

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How Accessible is Your Online Collection Search?

Tuesday January 31, 12:00PM - 1:15PM EST

Odds are, not very accessible to a large majority of users. Collecting museums exist because of their collections. No surprises there, but the vast majority use the search bar as their go-to online collections discovery method. At a time when access and accessibility are at the forefront of our digital strategies, museums must up their game to better connect their audiences to their collections. What strategies, ideas, and examples are out there for so-called generous interfaces that provide more visual and more intuitive ways of collections discovery? How might we use AI, Machine Learning, or just good old-fashioned metadata to create serendipitous and meaningful interactions with online collections?

Tutorial Leader

Headshot of Nik Honeysett

Nik Honeysett, CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative

DAM in Museums: A Deep Dive into the Use Cases and Technology

Tuesday February 7, 12:00PM - 1:15PM EST

In this pre-conference deep dive session, we'll explore typical museum use cases and implementation scenarios for DAM. Specifically for those who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things a DAM system can do in a museum environment, and technical implementers who want a better sense of a system's capabilities, we'll look at:

1) Use case, staffing, and governance scenarios: When, Where and How to Employ DAM in a Museum environment 
2) Technology "know how": fundamental technology features you need to know in order to be successful
3) Integration points: what are the other systems DAM needs to connect with in a museum environment?

Attend this session and gain new knowledge about best practices and proven methods of success when implementing DAM in museums. 

Tutorial Leader

Headshot of Theresa Regli   

Theresa RegliDAM Industry Strategist, Analyst and Author