Mark Duhaime



With over 25 years’ experience in the digital imaging technology marketplace, Mark has expert industry knowledge in the areas of digital photography, imaging and product marketing. Having spent most of his career as Director of Sales and Marketing groups in vertical market focused distribution organizations and head of Marketing in the United States for renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad; he recognizes and brings cutting edge digital technology solutions to companies looking to cost effectively and efficiently grow and expand their business.

Currently, he is President for Orbitvu USA – the global leader of technological innovations in the field of automated still, 360° spin and video digital content creation along with its applications in the world of eCommerce and effective product communication. He helps creative teams in the US, Canada and across the globe create visual content that allows products to be experienced virtually so consumers can make good buying decisions. Orbitvu’s integrated software and hardware solutions are designed to help customers bring their product photos to the market faster to increase their ecommerce sales conversion rates while saving money as compared to traditional photography methods.

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HS Photo Operations events give me the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and talented leaders in our industry and the insights they provide will directly impact and improve my own work.

Colleen Moore

HS Photo Operations events are an essential tool to learn from industry leaders who share their challenges and solutions. The camaraderie and support is inspiring.

Marc Berenson
Marc Berenson Consulting

This event reminds me how exciting, challenging and invigorating our industry is. I know of no better way to be inspired and to make connections to serious, successful professionals in photo studio management.

Rob Regovich
Malouf Companies