Christopher Shintani


Christopher Shintani is an Asian-American photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. He specializes in advertising and fashion photography with a BFA in Creative Photography. He has acquired a strong sense of his artistic direction through the course of over a decade in the industry. He has worked with world renowned brands as well as talent. Client list includes such names as Revolve, Samsung, Nike, Albertsons and more.

What others say

HS Photo Operations events give me the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and talented leaders in our industry and the insights they provide will directly impact and improve my own work.

Colleen Moore

HS Photo Studio Operations events provide me with the opportunity to say a warm hello to familiar faces and make new connections with industry leading experts.

Zoe Higgins

An extremely well organised event with the potential to grow even bigger on future iterations. Very productive for networking and take the pulse on new developments in the area.

Armando Ribeiro
Oak Furnitureland