Photo Studio Operations Forum 2023

Co-located with the Festival of Creative Operations, Creative Production Day and the Design Operations Symposium


Paul Nicholson

Creative Ops Production & Technology Leader

Paul Nicholson is a seasoned Technology Strategist, Creative Production Leader, and Product Manager based in New York, with over 18 years of leadership experience in Cross-Media Marketing Production and Technology. 

At the core of Paul's success is his ability to transform visions into reality. He built and led a 360º in-house Marketing Creative agency from the ground up at Showtime Networks, turning it into an award-winning center of excellence. His leadership in operations, technology, and production at Showtime was pivotal, overseeing high-volume content supply chain operations and delivering an impressive array of projects across all media for the leading Media & Entertainment global brand and it’s iconic culture-defining shows such as DEXTER, WEEDS, HOMELAND, BILLIONS, YELLOWJACKETS and more.

A respected voice in the industry, Paul has represented Showtime at numerous prestigious conferences, sharing insights on Technology and Digital Experiences. His commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is exemplified by his initiation of the CONTENT FOR CHANGE ACADEMY program, aimed at developing multi-cultural talent within the production sector.

Currently, as a consultant to various brands and agencies, Paul is leveraging his vast experience and proven track record by strategically aligning tech resources to business needs while helping clients to optimize their creative operations, and achieve their strategic objectives. 

With accolades such as the Clio, Franklin, Luminaire and Promax Awards, and a history of thought leadership, Paul Nicholson stands out as a dynamic leader and innovator, continually pushing the boundaries of media technology and creative production.


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What a great day of learning provided by HS Creative Operations. I'm returning to the office invigorated, inspired, and ready to lead the team to new creative heights!

Noel True
Kaiser Permanente

HS Photo Operations events are an essential tool to learn from industry leaders who share their challenges and solutions. The camaraderie and support is inspiring.

Marc Berenson
Marc Berenson Consulting

HS Photo Studio Ops is the go-to event for anyone wanting to meet like-minded professionals and dig deeper into process and creative undertakings.

Jason Hamilton
Bed Bath & Beyond