Photo Studio Operations Forum 2023

Co-located with the Festival of Creative Operations, Creative Production Day and the Design Operations Symposium


Mikeldi Rodriguez

Metaverse Creative Technologist & 3D Design Manager


I started in 2002 creating virtual experiences in different metaverse platforms (Adobe Atmosphere, Second Life, Horizon Worlds, AltspaceVR, Spatial…) Since my Bachellor in Business and Marketing by the University of Hertfordshire I've been improving my skills in areas such as publicity, graphic web and 3D design, art direction, game development… Always focused in creating interactive experiences.

Advisor at Union Avatars, building the next level of interoperable
digital identity.

I've created more than 50 real time virtual sets for TV shows, I've worked for Disney creating interactive experiences for the Epcot Theme Park (Orlando) and I'm the cofounder of a videogame company.


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What a great day of learning provided by HS Creative Operations. I'm returning to the office invigorated, inspired, and ready to lead the team to new creative heights!

Noel True
Kaiser Permanente

HS Photo Operations events are an essential tool to learn from industry leaders who share their challenges and solutions. The camaraderie and support is inspiring.

Marc Berenson
Marc Berenson Consulting

HS Photo Studio Ops is the go-to event for anyone wanting to meet like-minded professionals and dig deeper into process and creative undertakings.

Jason Hamilton
Bed Bath & Beyond