Photo Studio Operations Forum 2023

Co-located with the Festival of Creative Operations, Creative Production Day and the Design Operations Symposium


Liezl Zwarts


As a child, I fearlessly embraced army-army battles with the neighbourhood kids, even as the only girl facing the all-boys squad. Encouraged by my father's cherished poem, "The man who thinks
he can”.  

He instilled in me a belief that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

The convergence of my mother's artistic spirit and my father's entrepreneurial mindset has made me a dreamer at heart and an eternal hustler. These qualities permeate my work as a photographer, where I have had the privilege of capturing campaigns for renowned brands such as Nike, Converse, H&M, and Polo, to name a few. 

Although my journey has taken me around the world (including living in New York for almost a decade), I remain steadfast in my South African roots, utilizing my art to illuminate the strength and resilience of women and men who have fought for their freedom.

Through my work, I strive to reveal the untold stories and profound beauty of the human form. 

Today, I live between New York and Johannesburg with my daughter, my partner, my two cats, Kristofferson and Ringo, and an absurd amount of house plants.


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What others say

What a great day of learning provided by HS Creative Operations. I'm returning to the office invigorated, inspired, and ready to lead the team to new creative heights!

Noel True
Kaiser Permanente

HS Photo Operations events are an essential tool to learn from industry leaders who share their challenges and solutions. The camaraderie and support is inspiring.

Marc Berenson
Marc Berenson Consulting

HS Photo Studio Ops is the go-to event for anyone wanting to meet like-minded professionals and dig deeper into process and creative undertakings.

Jason Hamilton
Bed Bath & Beyond