Join the world’s leading DAM expert for five online sessions exploring best practice for optimizing your DAM program

Very soon after a DAM system is installed managers must ask:

  • What more could I do?
  • What more do I need?
  • When should I consider updating / upgrading?

After just a year or two, more new questions are asked:

  • How can we make the system better?
  • How do we evolve into a full enterprise program?
  • How should we develop a roadmap towards integration with the broader MarTech stack?
  • What else can we do to take our DAM to the next level?

And if the questions are not asked, or asked and left unanswered for years, they must be posed anew and, this time, answered – with the answers implemented.
In this five-part series, we'll cover how to evolve a DAM system from a siloed application to a core enterprise capability and lynchpin for marketing technology success.

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Theresa Regli introduces the series


April - May 2021

An Online Series